Welcome to the Ohio state Fair online Entry Website
To begin, click on step 1 "Register".  Type in name & select I am a new exhibitor.  Complete required information , then select classes you want to enter, plus additional items you want to purchase.    Jr. exhibitors MUST provide FFA & or 4-H information for entry , be listed in couty where project is registered & have own account(entry information), NOT  part of Farm or Group.. Please provide correct county where project is registered.
   Exhibitors entering Open Class  as farm should enter first name as * then farm name as last name(ex.
*Busy Farm). There are some items requiring information that don't apply to Open class exhibitors..just put in xxx and continue with entry.  If you have additional questions concerning online entries please contact the Entry Dept. at 614-644-4052 or via e-mail b.prince@expo.ohio.gov